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Air Marshal Yunis, Syed Ali
and Hassan (64th),
Min Larkin and Syed Ali at the 2000
AGM of the HAAA

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" At Halton for the 50th 
Anniversary of Pass Out and our
Window dedication"


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"Mike Hinds and Syed Ali at the Tribute on 
our 50th anniversary of joining reunion 1999


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Syed Ali, Annette Hines, Mike Hines 
and Peter Papworth taking a drink 
on the veranda of Halton House 1999


Brian Barker now living in NZ

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" Mike Hines who designed and built the 
63rd window, the very first one to be 
fitted at St George's Church Halton, 
with Min Larkin who held his tool kit 
while he fitted it."

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"Dave Williams with Don Humphrey 
near Don's home in Todmorden"



Min, Dave and Sid Richardson at Sid's house during M and D's Great bike 
ride LE to JOG in May 2002

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  "Stan Brooks busy at his computer".                      Mirza (Armourer, who died
                                                                                            in March 2010), Hashmi
                                                                                       (who died in 2007) and
                                                                                  Ali Armourers