Halton Photographs

General photographs taken during our time at Halton
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"3 Wing, Block 8 Room 6 Electricians relaxing just before pass out.  Derek Smith in foreground on the right and Keith Harris on the left. Also in picture are Johhny Reffell, Lofty Wilcox, Silas Berry, Ernie Sutton and one other"?
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3 wing contingent of the 63rd
elects. Instrs and arms

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"Min Larkin and his future wife Barbara sitting on Johhny Reffell's motor bike in Wendover July 1952.
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electricians Sept 1949
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The engine fitters banner being held on the left side by Johnny Henderson and the on the right  by Johnny Harris. 
Min Larkin outside of his tent just before a 
night out at the Floral Hall, Southport, with 
 Tom Towes (later discharged) who 
convinced   passengers on the return 
train that we were  poor young lads 
who had been conscripted into the RAF 
with no pay and terrible conditions. 
A collection was taken and 
he raised 5 shillings.
"Gaggle of Electricians"

Jock Fenton (instruments), 
Norman Blondel, Min Larkin, Joey Thompson, 
Ernie Sutton, Silas Berry, 
Derek Smith, 
Ackers Money


63rd-elecAfterFinalWshops.jpg (5552 bytes)
"Electricians marching up to the wing 
after final workshops. Ernie Sutton, 
Derek Smith shown at the front"
" Electricians Football Team"

back row  Ernie Sutton,  Eric Wilcox, rest 
unknown, middle row, Ackers Money, 
Sid Richardson, rest unkown, front 
row  Keith Harris other u/n
63rd- Electricians_0001.jpg (54333 bytes)
Electricians just before pass out in 
July 1952 with their banner and 
Flt lt Dick Massey, 
Flight  Commander.



John Horsfield showing off the 
Electricians Banner
63rd-electricians banner.jpg (9536 bytes)
Motto reads Apres Nous Les Deluges

A Gaggle of Engine Fitters, Lionel Parkin, 
John Harris, other names to be sent in

"Joey Thompson with Betty and Anna
two of the 3 wing tank NAAFI girls 1952". 



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"Dave Williams on his Rudge and Jim Hicks on his Ariel Red Hunter which were kept in a barn about 2 miles from Halton"
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"Cast of A Lad In The RAF Nov 1950,
showing Peter papworth as Bint Lush
and Eric Wilcox, Derek Kipton, Bob
Lawrence and Granny Wood as
members of the Corps de Ballet"
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"Ray Bennet, Bill Claydon 
and Ken Brooks relaxing on the grass 


63rd-140909-3.jpg (22213 bytes) Airframe Fitters
63rd-140909-2.jpg (12924 bytes)

Top Row   Francis Yates, Wally Rushton, 
Peter Papworth, Pete Bradley, Khan
  2nd Row  Colin Chew, Malik, Frank Lock, Neville Gardiner, Jim Larke, Mack Blakeney
3rd Row   Khahil, Chas Dunstan, Titch Turner, Ray Piper, Bob Richards
Bottom Row  Paul Roberts, Tom Holloway, ? , Bill Claydon
63rd-140909-4.jpg (12023 bytes)
Back Row.  Parkin, khan,ghafoor, ? ,
Qadir, Lethbridge, Baksh, Wagett
2nd Row.    Bilal, ? , Clewer, ? , Youlden, Headland, ? , Steer, Tarry ? .
Sitting. Bowie, Henderson, flr cdr, Brewer, ? , ? .


63rd-130909-5.jpg (15852 bytes)
The airframe fitters football team. back row John Pickering, Bill Claydon, ?,
John Maunders,Nick B;ackway,
Willy Goss, Trevor Lach.
Front row Jim Larke,
P Roberts, Maurice Gardiner,
Wally Rushton, Sgt Burridge.


63rd-150909-4.jpg (39270 bytes) 63rd-150909-5.jpg (24589 bytes)

63rd-160110-1.jpg (39164 bytes)
" Some of the Pakistanis Apps of the 63rd"



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"Derek Kimpton and Roy (Ackers) Money
taking an afternoon stroll. Note the
 immaculately folded greatcoats."
"A motley bunch of 63rd airframes"
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63rd-010210-1.jpg (26394 bytes)
Les Nash wins trophy for pistol shooting



63rd-010210-3.jpg (20693 bytes)
Four airframes on a pillow fight.  ? 
Rod Armes, Les Nash and ? Pickering
63rd-010210-2.jpg (22948 bytes)
Les Nash and Peter Goddard 
on a night out in London
63rd-130210-1.jpg (26459 bytes)
Back row

  ?   D Exton   E Cogan  S Headland   P Colly
Next row
H Waring  G Jarratt  L Parkin  A Rogers  J Asqhar Raza

Next row
M Bilal   R Brinley   F/S M Saman  D Bowie  A Ghafor
Bottom row
unidentified  please send names if you recognise them


63rd-130210-3.jpg (6889 bytes)
Ahraf and Zar on a day 
out in Aylesbury
63rd-130210-2.jpg (22211 bytes)
Back row

A Brewer Bilal   Brinley   D Bowie  A Ghafor
Mid row
A Rogers   H Waring  B Colley   G Jarratt   L Parkin
Bottom row
A Cogan  A Moyes  J Headland  A  Raza
63rd-260310-4.jpg (30454 bytes)
"A formal group of engine fitters probably 1951. 
Lionel Parkin is shown as a Cpl App Air.
Who is the Officer?"


63rd-260310-1.jpg (16601 bytes)
"Brewer, Exton, Ali and Anwar perched on one of the Mosquitoes at the airfield just before pass out 1952".
63rd-260310-2.jpg (36091 bytes)
" More engine fitters. Who is the L/A/A?"
63rd-130210-5.jpg (25391 bytes)
Top row
A Chaudrey,   A U Khan,  M Anwar,  A Malik,  M Aslam,  M Mirza, 
M Wassiq, R Habib

Middle row
M Khalil, A Ghafoor, M Ameer,  Gp Capt Cheema,  R Janjua, 
Wg Cdr Wallis, S Hashmi,  M Ali, A Waliat

Bottom row
M Sadiq, N Ronald, A Bilal, G Gaqidir, M A Khan, M Ashrif,
A Ameer
63rd-160110-2.jpg (15574 bytes)
After final schools
63rd-260310-3.jpg (39198 bytes)
"A bunch of engine fitters relaxing outside of one of the huts at the rear of Schools.  Standing:  Mason, Hitchcock, Colley, Amin,White, Raza, Gilganon, Qadir, Waring, Weeks, Durrant,   Sitting: Ralf, Bunker, Doweller, and Macvostie"

63rd-021116-2.jpg (61372 bytes)
Exton and A.N.Other on jankers.
Can anyone provide a name for A.N.Other?










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