Passout Parade
29th July 1952

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Electricians lead the entry up to the final parade i e the hat throwing one!  Johnny Reffell on the motor bike on the right and Dave Williams on the left.
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Air Marshal Sir Victor Groom inspects No.2 flight, accompanied by Sgt/A/A Brewer and Flt/Sgt/A/A Lionel Parkin

Graduation Dinner

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Marching up from the Finlay Gym to 
square after prize giving and speeches. Derek
Harvey in foreground, Lionel   Parkin behind him, Others who recognise themselves to e mail 
names to Rob


"Peter  Bradley's memories of Pass Out".
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' Norman Blondel, Rick Hogarth, Brian Steer 
and others to please pass names to Rob"
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The slow march past Sir Victor Groom, In open 
order, remember?

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" Johnny Reffell and another on motor bikes leading the Entry up to Henderson square
for the final fling after pass out."


Norman Blondel the silver drummer
in the pipe band on pass out day.


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"No 1 flt marching past
Sir Victor Groom.  
Colour party  The Grant twins
and Mike Hines.
No 1 Flt Cdr  S/A/A  Les Nash"