Queen's Colour 

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Sgt/App/Air Mike Hines received the Colour on behalf of the School on 25th July 1952.

The 63rd Entry had the Honour of providing The Escort to the Colour and the Escort Squadron.


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Queens speech

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The Chaplain -in-Chief consecrates the Colour before it is 
The Colour Party,  Richard and Clive Grant and Mike Hines marching past Gp Capt D Finlay who had handed the parade over to F/S/AA Parkin 
at this stage
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"The start of the Slow March Past"
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" The Royal Salute showing Group Captain Finlay and F/S/A/A/ Parkin the two principal players on parade".

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The first photograph above shows Lord Trenchard, with the AOC-in-C
Technical Training Command, Air Marshal Sir Victor Groom, The Commandant RAF
Halton Air Commodore J G Weston, The Chief of the Air Staff, Marshal of the
RAF Sir John Slessor, and the AOC No 24 Group,AVM R Jones.